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000002612 245__ $$aPunzi-loss, a non-differentiable metric approximation for sensitivity optimization in the search for new particles
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000002612 520__ $$aWe present the novel implementation of a non-differentiable metric approximation and a corresponding loss-scheduling aimed at the search for new particles of unknown mass in high energy physics experiments. We call the loss-scheduling, based on the minimization of a figure-of-merit related function typical of particle physics, a Punzi-loss function, and the neural network that utilizes this loss function a Punzi-net. We show that the Punzi-net outperforms standard multivariate analysis techniques and generalizes well to mass hypotheses for which it was not trained. Our result constitutes a step towards fully differentiable analyses in particle physics.  This work is implemented using PyTorch and we provide users full access to a public repository containing all the codes.
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