Measurements of Bโ†’D(*)h and charmless B decays at Belle II

Benedikt Wach

26 July 2021
EPS-HEP 2021

Abstract: The CKM angle ๐›พ (๐œ™3) of the unitarity triangle is the only one that is accessible with tree-level decays in a theoretically clean way. The key method to measure ๐›พ is through the interference between ๐ต+โ†’๐ท0๐พ+ and ๐ต+โ†’๐ทยฏ0๐พ+ decays that occurs if the final state of the charm-meson decay is accessible to both the ๐ท0 and ๐ทยฏ0 mesons. The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric ๐‘’+๐‘’โˆ’ collider is a substantial upgrade of the B factory facility at the Japanese KEK laboratory. Belle II experiment aims to record 50 abโˆ’1 of data, a factor of 50 more than its predecessor. With the ultimate Belle II data sample of 50 abโˆ’1, a determination of ๐›พ with a precision of 1 degree or better is foreseen. Main operation of SuperKEKB started in March 2019 and results from the full available Belle II data set, which corresponds to approximately 100~fbโˆ’1, will be presented. The ratios of decay rates of ฮ“(๐ตโˆ’โ†’๐ท(โˆ—)0๐พโˆ’)/ฮ“(๐ตโˆ’โ†’๐ท(โˆ—)0๐œ‹โˆ’) and ฮ“(๐ตยฏ0โ†’๐ท(โˆ—)+๐พโˆ’)/ฮ“(๐ตยฏ0โ†’๐ท(โˆ—)+๐œ‹โˆ’) are measured. In addition, more detailed studies of ๐ตโˆ’โ†’๐ท(๐พ0S๐œ‹+๐œ‹โˆ’)๐พโˆ’, ๐ตโˆ’โ†’๐ท(๐พ0S๐œ‹0)๐พโˆ’ and ๐ตโˆ’โ†’๐ทโˆ—0(๐ท0๐œ‹0)๐พโˆ’ decays are described; these modes are key to the accurate determination of ๐›พ at Belle II.

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