Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-071

Search for lepton flavour violating B meson decays at the Belle experiment

Mateusz Kaleta ; Andrzej Bożek

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Abstract: The work of the thesis is concerned about searching for Lepton Flavour Violating B meson decays, B+ →K+τ±μ∓, in the experimental environment of the Belle experiment. These processes are extremely suppressed in Standard Model interactions and have predicted decay rates many orders of magnitude below the experimental sensitivity of today’s and future experiments. The thesis presents the novel methodology of searching for B+ → K+τ±μ∓processes that relies on the distinct kinematics of these decays and special environment of B factory experiments. The studies presented in the thesis were performed using Monte Carlo simulated events. The expected 90% CL upper limits on branching fractions for searched B+ →K+τ±μ∓ processes were found to be at the level of 10−5, were only statistical uncertainties were considered.

Note: Presented on 26 01 2021
Note: MSc

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