Charmless B decays at Belle II

Sebastiano Raiz

24 May 2021
PHENO 2021

Abstract: Charmless 𝐡 decays provide a unique portion of the Belle II program. The expected large signal yields with moderate backgrounds associated with efficient reconstruction of neutral particles enable world-leading determination of the CKM phase 𝛼/πœ™2, a conclusive understanding of the so-called K-πœ‹ CP puzzle, and further insight into the nature of localized CP violation in three-body decays. We report preliminary measurements based on the sample collected during 2019-2020 operations and corresponding to 65 fbβˆ’1 of integrated luminosity. Results include a test of the πΎπœ‹ isospin sum-rule, an angular analysis of π΅β†’πœŒ+𝜌0 decays, and the reconstruction of a 𝐡0β†’πœ‹0πœ‹0 signal.

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