The re-discovery of the decays for CP violation measurements at Belle II

Chiara La Licata

24 May 2021
PHENO 2021

Abstract: sin2πœ™1 (sin2𝛽) is measured using the 𝐢𝑃-eigenstates induced by the 𝑏→𝑐 tree diagram and it is the most precise variable among the CKM angles. We have presented the result of the measurement using the 𝐡0→𝐽/πœ“πΎ0𝑆 decay collected from the early Belle II data. On the other hand, it can be measured also using the decays induced by 𝑏→𝑠 penguin diagram. In that case, contribution of the new physics is expected so that effective sin2πœ™1≑sin2πœ™eff1 is measured. In relation to those measurements, we present the re-discoveries of the 𝐡0→𝐽/πœ“πΎ0𝐿 and 𝐡0β†’πœ‚β€²πΎ0𝑆 decays using the data set obtained by the Belle II in 2019 and 2020. Former one is a good indicator to check the difference of 𝐢𝑃 eigenvalue between 𝐡0→𝐽/πœ“πΎ0𝑆. Latter one is one of the modes used for sin2πœ™eff1 measurement and its branching fraction is relatively large.

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