Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-003

Search for the decay Bs0 → η' Xss̄ Using a Semi-Inclusive Method at the Belle Experiment

Shawn Dubey ; Thomas E. Browder

University of Hawaii/ProQuest Honolulu, HI

Abstract: The decay Bs0 → η' Xss̄ is searched for at Belle, using Belle’s 121.4 fb − 1 integrated luminosity data sample, taken at Υ( 5S ) resonance. A semi- inclusive reconstruction method whereby the Xss̄ is reconstructed as a system of two kaons and up to four pions, with at most one neutral pion, is used. Using the η' sub-decay mode η' → η (→ γγ ) π + π − and examining the Xss̄ mass range M(Xss̄) ≤ 2.4 GeV/c^2 , an upper limit at 90% confidence level is set. This mode had been previously unstudied and this analysis partially hopes to motivate future theoretical studies as well as future analyses at the Belle II experiment.

Note: Presented on 19 12 2020
Note: PhD

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