Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-002

High Speed Data Multiplexer for the Belle II Pixel Detector & Search for an Exotic Resonance at the D*0 anti-D*0 Threshold in Charged B Meson Decays

Klemens Lautenbach ; Jens Sören Lange

II. Institute of Physics (Subatomic Physics) Giessen

Abstract: In the physics part of the thesis, the exotic state X(4014) is studied for Belle II. A bound state of two mesons is interacting via one-pion exchange. As a consequence of heavy quark spin symmetry, those states would have partner states with higher mass and total angular momentum (J). In case of the X(3872), which is close to the D∗0 ̄D0 threshold, the predicted partner resonance is predicted near the D∗0 ̄D∗0 threshold. In this thesis, a simulation of this resonance is performed on Belle II Monte Carlo and the discovery potential for various different width and branching fraction scenarios is estimated. In the technical part of the thesis a taskj of the Belle II PXD data qcquisition system is studie, i.e. if 32 optical links from the DHH system to the ONSEN system can be reduced to one single optical link with 10G bandwidth.

Note: Presented on 08 02 2021
Note: PhD

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