Muon and electron identification efficiencies and hadron-lepton mis-identification rates at Belle II for Moriond 2021

LeptonID group ; Belle II Collaboration

25 March 2021

Abstract: We present a collection of selected results on the performance of \belletwo in the identification of electrons and muons. This work is based on a combination of sub-detector likelihoods and is carried out using data collected at the \belletwo experiment from 2019 to mid-2020. These data correspond to a total integrated luminosity of $\int L~\mathrm{dt} = 62.8 \invfb$ collected at the center-of-mass energy of the $\Upsilon(4S)$ with an additional sample corresponding to $\int L~\mathrm{dt} = 8.4 \invfb$ of off-resonance data collected over the same period.

Note: For Moriond 2021

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