Determination of CKM angle $ \phi_{3} $ at Belle and Belle II

Niharika Rout

05 March 2021

Abstract: We present the measurement of the angle $ \phi_{3} $ using a model-independent Dalitz plot analysis of $ B^{\pm} \to DK^{\pm}, D \to K_{S}^{0}\pi^{+}\pi^{-} $ decays, which currently provides the best sensitivity. The method uses, as input, measurements of the strong phase of the $ D \to K_{S}^{0}\pi^{+}\pi^{-} $ amplitude from the BESIII collaboration. This is the first measurement using the combined Belle and Belle II data-set of the order of 1 ab$ ^{-1} $. With the ultimate Belle II data sample of 50 ab$ ^{-1} $, a determination of $ \phi_{3} $ with a precision of 1$^{\rm o} $ or better is foreseen.

Keyword(s): $ \phi_{3} $, CKM angle

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