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Sam Cunliffe
03 Dec 2020, 15:45
Hey Hannah.

I read and like the proceedings. Only minor comments.

Abs. line 3: "the first Belle II collected data" is a bit weird to me. I would say "... we present some of our data and self-reported statistics regarding..."
Abs. line "Belle II finds" --> "We find" ( ?? )

Intro. l1 and last line of abs.: you never use "HEP" in the rest of the document, so delete the acronym and lowercase it (to my taste).

Section 1.1 first para. no comment on the text, but a thought occurs to me: is it maybe better to have "pronouns you would like to be known by" instead of "gender"?

Section 1.2 second line "done by" --> "performed by" (and can you cite the LHCb survey results somehow?)
Section 2, para 3: "In our quest" --> "In our efforts" (??)
Section 2, para 4, line 6: you could say "in our code and servers naming."

Your last paragraph is a bit too soft to my taste. Perhaps: "We will continue to..." (not "would like to") ditto "Finally, we will continue to encourage and normalise..."

Ref. 3 KEK should be all uppercase. I *think* you can do this with curly braces "{KEK}" in the bib file.

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