Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2020-008

In-depth characterization of diamond sensors for an update of the Belle II radiation monitor

Alice Gabrielli ; Lorenzo Vitale ; Dorigo Mirco

University of Trieste Trieste

Abstract: This thesis aims at deepening and improving the methods to characterise the response of diamond detectors in view of an upgrade of the radiation monitor of the Belle II particle- physics experiment. Three types of radiation are used: α and β particles, and, for the first time in this kind of characterisation, X-rays. I employed a novel method to characterise the diamond-sensor response to β and X radiation, which exploits a silicon diode as a reference to minimise systematic uncertainties due to the poor knowledge of the radiation sources. I improved the simulation of the experimental setup over that previously used in the characterisation with α radiation. The results that I obtained represent important steps forward in the characterisation techniques for diamond sensors to be used for the radiation-monitor upgrade.

Note: Presented on 16 10 2020
Note: MSc

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