Status and Future development of the Full Event Interpretation Algorithm at Belle II

WIlliam Sutcliffe

28 July 2020
40th International Conference on High Energy Physics

Abstract: The Full Event Interpretation (FEI) is an exclusive tagging algorithm, that was developed for the Belle II experiment. By employing multivariate classifiers the FEI can identify and reconstruct semileptonic and hadronic B meson decay cascades with high efficiency. In this talk the status and performance of the FEI using recorded Belle II collision data is presented. Calibration studies of the FEI efficiency using standard candle processes such as π΅β†’π‘‹β„“πœˆΒ―β„“ are reported to evaluate the algorithm’s tagging performance. Further, we discuss the status of future developments to extend the capabilities of the algorithm to reconstruct 𝐡𝑠 mesons and to include baryonic 𝐡 meson decay cascades.

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