Charm potential at Belle II

Giulia Casarosa

28 July 2020
40th International Conference on High Energy Physics

Abstract: The Charm sector provides a unique environment for the searches of Physics Beyond the Standard Model. Recent observation of CP violation in the D0 decays by the LHCb collaboration has renewed this interest and calls for confirmation in other channels and by other experiments. As we will discuss in this talk, Belle II will play a crucial role in measuring CP violation in many decay channels, especially those having neutral particles in the final state. We will show the improved reconstruction capabilities of the Belle II detector in charm decays with respect to first generation B-factories using the data collected in 2019 and 2020. Finally, we will show a preliminary result on the measurement of the D0 lifetime, that would be the first at B-Factories, demonstrating the excellent vertexing capabilities of the Belle II detector.

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