Rediscovery of $B \to \phi K^{(*)}$ decays and measurement of the longitudinal polarization fraction $f_L$ in $B \to \phi K^{*}$ decays using the Summer 2020 Belle II dataset

The Belle II Collaboration

31 July 2020

Abstract: We utilize a sample of 34.6\invfb, collected by the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB asymmetric energy \epem\ collider, to search for the $\Bp \to \phi \Kp$, $\Bp \to \phi \Kstarp$, $\Bz \to \phi \KS$, and $\Bz \to \phi \Kstarz$ decays. Charmless hadronic \B\ decays represent an important part of the Belle II physics program, and are an ideal benchmark to test the detector capabilities in terms of tracking efficiency, charged particle identification, vertexing, and advanced analysis techniques. Each channel is observed with a significance that exceeds 5 standard deviations, and we obtain measurements of their branching ratios that are in good agreement with the world averages. For the $B \to \phi \Kstar$ modes, we also perform a measurement of the longitudinal polarization fraction $f_L$.

Keyword(s): Charmless B decays ; B -> VV polarization ; multidimensional ML fit

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