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000001909 245__ $$aBelle II Status and Prospects
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000001909 520__ $$aAt the end of 2018 the inner subdetectors, SVD (Silicon Vertex Detector) and PXD (Pixel Detector) were installed in Belle II. By the end of 2019 Belle II has collected a total of 10 fb−1. With the early data taken the charged-particles tracking performance of the detector was characterized, reconstruction of known resonances and the capability of identifying displaced vertices decays. One of the first benchmarks for B physics was the measurement of the B 0 −B mixing frequency. First results are based on the B mesons semileptonic decay mode. The rediscovery of the “golden mode” B0→J/ψK0S, a CP eigenstate, is shown along other B→[cc¯]Xs decay modes.Prospects for dark sector searches, CPV in Charm physics and other motivations for B physics are discussed.
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