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000001884 100__ $$aLeo Piilonen
000001884 245__ $$aBelle2VR: An Interactive Virtual Reality Visualization of GEANT4 Event Histories
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000001884 520__ $$aBelle2VR is a novel interactive virtual reality visualization of the Belle II detector at KEK and the animation therein of GEANT4-simulated event histories. The user, wearing a VR headset, manipulates a gamepad or hand controller(s) to interact with and interrogate the detailed GEANT4 event history over time, to adjust the visibility and transparency of the particles and detector subsystems, to translate freely in 3D, to zoom in or out, and to control the event-history timeline. In this way, the user explores the world of subatomic physics via electron-positron collision events in the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB colliding-beam facility at KEK in Japan. Developed at Virginia Tech by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in physics, education, and virtual environments, the simulation is intended to be integrated into the undergraduate physics curriculum.
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