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000001785 245__ $$aBeam-constrained vertexing for B  physics at the Belle II Experiment
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000001785 500__ $$athis is the proceeding for submission based on the talk: https://docs.belle2.org/record/1729
000001785 520__ $$aThe Belle II experiment, which recently began collecting $e^+e^-$ collision data, will extend the successful physics program of BaBar and Belle with a 30-fold increase in integrated luminosity and an improved detector. In particular, the vertex position resolution of Belle II is better than that of its predecessors by about a factor of two. The high resolution and the very small $e^+e^-$ collision region provide a powerful constraint that can be used in a number of B-physics analyses. This talk will cover studies performed with this method, as well as the performance of the Belle II experiment.
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