Flavor Physics at Belle II - Pablo Goldenzweig - BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-077
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Libby - iitm.ac.in
16 Aug 2019, 08:25
Dear Pablo,
Thanks for preparing the talk. It was good for time at 23'. A handful of comments below. Please upload the final version to the database and let me know.
All the best,

Possibly drop D0 lifetime because it is being shown by Lorenzo
Slide 23: emphasis the lower part is focusing on the interference in mixing and decay....but you will meet other measurements
Slide 30: Belle II MC label plot
Slide 34: have eta' rather than phi diagram
Slide 39: Brod, Zupan reference for the 10^-7 JHEP 1401 (2014) 051
Slide 42: antiparticle arrows
Slide 52: don't say it is pessimistic

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