Search for new physics in the B→Kℓℓ processes at Belle II

Alejandro Mora

25 February 2019
Moscow International School of Physics

Abstract: The analysis of flavor changing neutral currents (FCNC) is one of the best tools to look for new physics in High Energy Experiments, since these are highly suppressed in the Standard Model (SM), which makes both contributions from NP and from the SM to affect the decays at the same level. Moreover, the B→Kℓℓ decay (governed by the transition b→sℓℓ) provides multiple measurements for probing into the effects of NP scenarios: a differential branching fraction both in the dilepton mass and in the lepton charge asymmetry angle (dΓ/dq2dcosθ), the forward-backward lepton asymmetry AFB, the direct CP asymmetry, the CP-averaged Isospin asymmetry and the ratio of the branching fraction for the two possible lepton flavors (e and μ). B factories are the only experiments where all of this measurements can be performed. BaBar and Belle have reported multiple studies in both of the lepton channels, while the LHCb collaboration has done the same with the muon channel. As the newest member of the B factories group, the Belle II experiment is the best place to revisit this decay due to its increased luminosity and the improvement made to the sub-detectors in comparison with its predecessor. We present here the current status of the study on B→Kℓℓ aimed to be performed with the data from Phase III (March-August of 2019).

Note: 10 + 2 min

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