Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2019-001

Sensitivity Studies for the Branching Fraction of the B to K(*) nu nu Decays with an Inclusive Tag B Reconstruction for the Belle II Experiment

Benjamin Haser ; Prof. Dr. Thomas Kuhr

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt munich

Abstract: In this thesis a sensitivity study for the B to K(*) nu nu transitions will be provided by using the Belle II analysis software framework and Monte Carlo samples. Since previous studies already set an upper limit close to the theoretical predictions, but the signal significance was not sufficient to measure the branching fraction, an inclusive reconstruction of the tag B meson will be performed. This method enables a measurement of higher signal events. Howerver, it suffers from a tremendous amount of background. Since the Belle II experiment is still in calibration phase, this thesis investigates only Monte Carlo samples. In comparison to previous analysis an improvement for the expected sensitivity for the branching fraction for the neutral B transition was archived. Unfortunately, it performed worse for the charged transitions compared to exclusive studies. In conclusion, it should be possible for both analysis methods to measure all B to K(*) nu nu transitions with sufficient significance with the full Belle II data sample of 50 inverse attobarn.

Note: Presented on 28 11 2018
Note: MSc

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