B to D(*) l nu at Belle / Belle II

Kilian Lieret

20 September 2018
CKM 2018

Abstract: B -> D(*) l nu at Belle and Belle II Kilian Lieret, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) This contribution reviews measurements of |V_cb| using hadronically tagged and untagged exclusive analyses of B to D(*) l nu decays at Belle. The influence of different form factor parametrizations on |V_cb| is discussed, in particular in light of a very recent untagged analysis of B to D* l nu. Finally, prospects for similar measurements at Belle II are considered.

Keyword(s): CKM ; CKM18 ; CKM 2018 ; Vcb ; b -> c ; Belle ; Belle II ; Belle 2 ; Semileptonic ; B -> D l nu ; B -> D* l nu ; B -> D ell nu ; B -> D* ell nu ; B -> D(*) l nu ; B -> D(*) ell nu
Note: 20+5

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