Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2018-006

Radiation monitor with diamond sensors for the Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB

Giovanni Bassi ; Lorenzo Vitale ; Livio Lanceri ; Chiara La Licata

University of Trieste Trieste

Abstract: The thesis focuses on the development of a radiation monitor system based on synthetic diamond detectors for the Belle II particle-physics experiment. The system is intended to protect the silicon vertex detector from high radiation doses associated with the intense electron and positron beams that collide inside it. The work is organized into two parts: the first part is devoted to detector characterization with noise and irradiation measurements using radioactive sources and comparing the results with simulations. I conducted the second part at the KEK laboratories in Japan to install the detectors in Belle II and collect the first diamond data during the collision commissioning of the accelerator and detector. My work establishes that the radiation monitor system is essential for beam-background studies and background reduction.

Note: Presented on 17 09 2018
Note: MSc

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