Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2018-004

Study of multivariate techniques in the search of the decay channel $B^{0} \rightarrow D^{-}\pi{-}\mu^{+}\mu^{+}$ at the Belle II experiment

Alejandro De Yta Hernández ; Eduard de la Cruz Burelo


Abstract: In this work, we apply and compare three different multivariate classification methods based on machine learning techniques in order to study the decay channel B 0 → D − π − μ + μ + in the Bell II experiment, located in the B-factory SuperKEKB. In this channel the total lepton number L is violated by two units, ∆L = 2. Up to now, there is no experimental evidence of this process. However, if measured, it would be a direct proof of the Majorana nature of the neutrinos. The non-observation of this kind of processes can be turned out into important constraints on the Majorana neutrinos masses and mixings parameters. To carry out this study, a Monte Carlo sample of the decay channel of interest was generated using the Basf2 framework.

Note: Presented on 17 08 2017
Note: MSc

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